Author L.D.Hutchinson and J.Ney


Age: Unknown

Species: Vampyre

Kara has been part of Avangeline's group for years now, passing herself off as a twenty something year old hum girl. Truth be told though that's a lie and even Kara lost count of how old she was.

Not much is known of her past and she refuses to speak of it all anyone knows is there's a scar on her arm that seems to say "421".

Seabastion has been her boyfriend fro centuries now and neither one will let it change to 'mate'. She got an obsession with dying her hair and being sarcastic as hell. 

(Shadows in the Dark Charrie) 



Age : Unkown

Species: Nephilim

Karli is Trent's kid sister, even though she sometimes acts like a mother to him. She tends to be good with growing herbs just as well as using what power she was born with to defend the people she loves most. 

She's a type of  Nephilim people in her region tend to look down upon, a wingless one and more human than others are. 

She tends to be manipulative when needed, using her looks to get what she needs though she doesn't solely rely on them. She's always happy and smiling and hoping to help other's around her so that they have their own happiness instead. 

Though Kerli's younger years weren't great she still grew up to be a strong woman. After the death of her parents Trent took over raising her, which meant she had been the first wingless Nephilim in almost two-hundred thousand years to be raised within a Nephilim Knights territory and learn their ways.

After earning the respect of the King and the Queen, she was assigned to be on a area of her own to work in the place - the medicine room. She so far been better than any elders there at what she does. 

Kerli even took up sword fighting, training side by side of her brother and his friends. 

"Don't brush me off so fast because i'm pretty."  

(Book of Curses Charrie) 

  Fang is a half-demon, that as far as we know isn't the nicest. He keeps to himself most of the time and the one thing he likes to let everyone know is how very much he doesn't want to have anything to do with Talon or his team, or the chosen. But, as much as he complains there's that one little fault to him. He can't hide the fact that he'd lay his life down for any of them or the fact that he took to the chosen as much as anyone could. 

 Plus, there's that other part where as far as we know he's hiding something. Half-demon's are never as skilled as he is, and they can never use as much magic as they do. So what's really going on here? What is he? Is he something more dangerous or something that shouldn't be there at all? 

 Hell is he the enemy that no one knew about? There's so many questions and just not enough time to answer any of them. That's what makes him so leathal, so strong. He can hide all of this and when someone ask's he can just bite their head off with how viscious he gets on his off days, no make that every day. 

 Fang isn't afraid to tear you down, insult you, or tell you what he thinks of you. He's not afraid to fight to death or even throw himself into the line of danger, and he sure as hell isn't afraid of anything that he's warned of. He's bullheaded, strong and determined. The three things you'd never want to see in a half-demon or demon for that matter.

 As mean as he seems though, over time he slowly does lose some of that edge, hell maybe he'll even come around as a good guy in the end though that much is only going to be found out if you read the book. To read up more on this six foot six of nothing but muscle, anger and magic. Don't let his easy looks make the fatal mistake of doubting that he can harm you. 

(Book of Curses charrie) 

More characters coming soon! 

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