Author L.D.Hutchinson and J.Ney

Author's L.D.Hutchinson and J.Ney 

 J.Ney hasn’t been writing long (Or much at all), but he’s been editing and doing whatever he could with grammar. His reading level being apparently high when he was in middle school he never actually showed much interest in reading. Most of his work was involving video games and storyline writing for the games; He hasn’t known L.D. Hutchinson long but his trust in her has been unwavering since they first started working together.

He’s currently living in a rundown multi-plex in Washington, but plans on moving on from there and going to a college for Video Game Design as well as taking classes for English Literature. Turning 22 in June and his youngest sister (Of 4) having a boy in August, he plans on helping out his sister with what he can while helping out L.D. with her work wherever he can. Contacting him through L.D. Hutchinson is possible if needed as she speaks to him more directly than others.

 L.D.Hutchinson has been writing since she could spell, she picked up a pen and never put it back down always pulling out idea's. Shadows in the Dark her first release and the first book in a Novella series that's been floating around in her head for the past 7 and a half years. She lives with her two dogs and three cats in Ohio. She's currently at work going to college to major in English lit and Minor in Art. Her next book to be released is a full lengthed Novel called Book of Curses, and maybe even a Anthology or two here or there. You can find her reading a book or two at home while constantly checking her Facebook and E-mail, pondering about her next book or the next good game to play.

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